Field Diagram (Newton Tigers Minor Soccer)

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Why are the Spectator and Team Fields Setup like this?

1. Players need to be able to hear instruction from coaches and coaches need to be able to clearly communicate with players. Referees need to be able to identify and communicate quickly with coaches. It can become loud and confusing for players, coaches and referees to have spectators on the same side as the teams.

2. Safety: a. Coaches need to have a visual of the team and know each player is accounted for. If players have left the sidelines to sit with family, it causes unnecessary confusion when coaches are calling for subs or trying to locate the player. b. Spectators sitting too close to the edge of the field, not only are encroaching the field of play, or possibly the assistant referee, but are also very likely to get hit by a soccer ball.

3. Coaches are parent volunteers. We greatly appreciate their time and efforts and want them to return. Without volunteers, we do not have a program/team. We want to provide an environment where coaches and players can learn from each other without disruption from by standers comments or pressures.

4. We are a learning-based program. Hearing comments, critiques, or ‘advice’ from spectators can be distracting for the whole team. We want to create an environment where players and coaches feel confident to practice the skills they have worked on. We like to maintain the most positive and encouraging environment as possible.